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GO's and GO Related Information

Club Med Cancun always has a great GO team. Very friendly and outgoing (updated February 2011):

  • For those who are unfamiliar, a GO (gentil organisateur) is a Club Med staff member. Each GO has an area of expertise (or two, or three), and most sports GOs are expert in their field. They are not like typical hotel staff members and they should be treated as equals and as friends - thus assuring that you will have a great time. They exist to help GMs (gentil membres) have fun and enjoy their stay - to provide sports lessons - serve as personable dining and dance partners - etc. Club Med encourages GOs to socialize with GMs. GOs are the reason Club Med is as cool as it is
  • Eduardo is currently the Chef de Village (the village chief executive and boss of all GOs - equivalent to the Mayor of a small city), and Nadia is his second in command.
  • GOs normally have to pay for their own drinks. If you get to know a GO, always offer to "buy" them a drink when appropriate (evenings). Current rules allow GMs to give drinks to GOs
  • There are around 100+ GOs, mostly from Mexico. It was obvious that there were MANY GOs dedicated to the kids. This is probably where the staffing increase comes from. I liked having more GOs around
  • GOs were generally very visible and plentiful - there was always a GO wherever you looked, and I like this.
  • Great GO team overall - and huge thanks to the WATERSKI team (as always, the best GO team)