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Aerial View and Photos, and Village Map

Aerial Photographs and MAP of Club Med Cancun - taken 12/07, plus one vintage shot!

This is one reason I love Club Med Cancun - it is an awesome property and the best resort location in all of Cancun. You get a 3-sided point with 3 beaches instead of a tiny "slice" of beach (like you would get with other hotels). The closest hotel is the Westin shown at the bottom left of the first photo. The shared beach is the "main beach". Then there is the "snorkeling beach". And to the right is the "sailing beach". All of these beaches are predominantly used by Club Med.

Click each photo for a larger version (you can then scroll up/down and sideways, and you can re-size the new window)

This page last updated 4/26/2010

Here is a satellite shot of CM Cancun taken before the 8th tennis court was eliminated to re-route the road away from Jade. Clicking on the photo will take you to a Google Maps view of Club Med.

This is the village map - click the map and it will expand in a new window and give you a more detailed view.

village map for Club Med Cancun

Aerial view taken in December 2007.

aerial view of Club Med Cancun taken from aircraft by Craig Eaton

Another view. This shows the entire hotel strip as well as more detail on the construction site to the west of Club Med. The construction site has since been abandoned due to bankruptcy. Fate unknown...

another aircraft view of Club Med Cancun taken by Craig Eaton

Compare with this 1975 view! The resort is still under construction. Note that the waterski island is man-made. Jade building is not built yet - it came in the 80's.

vintage photo of Club Med Cancun circa 1975 - still under construction