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Guest Rooms and Accomodations - Club Med Cancun

The biggest improvement to the guest rooms made during 2006 renovation are new mattresses and linens, not to mention pillows. Much more comfortable. I no longer feel the need to bring my own pillow.

Room descriptions and photos are typical - I have stayed in several buildings plus peered into lot's of rooms while they were being cleaned. Personally I prefer upper floor rooms that are away from noise sources. My favorite buildings are:

  • Topacio - upper floors only, ground floor has too much pedestrian noise
  • Amatista - close to water ski, which is my sport, but far from sailing
  • Opalo - far from waterski, but close to sailing - and quiet
  • Onice - prefer upper floors

Since renovation after the destructive hurricane of 2005, all buildings have been re-named. The current building names are Spanish for semi-precious stones such as: Jade, Obsidian, Opal, etc. For a map which includes building names, go to the Aerial & Map page.

However, here are pictures taken from the awesome room I had in December 2007 - Topacio top floor ocean front.

The Jade building (previously known as Opera) is where the new exclusive luxury suites are. In Jade, oceanside rooms have been converted into double-wide suites. Lagoon-side rooms are the same as before only renovated to Jade 5-trident standards. The Jade building has it's own Concierge desk, plus it has a dedicated (in-building) room service kitchen. See Jade page.

As you can see by the photos, there have been numerous cosmetic changes as a result of the 2006 renovation:

  • All new nice furniture
  • New color scheme
  • Flat screen TV's (mine had the same poor cable reception of the old tv system, not that I turned it on more than once) - downside is that TV's no longer function well as t-shirt dryers
  • Mayan style cube-art blocks are gone and currently can be found throughout the village public areas
  • Much nicer mattresses, linens and pillows
  • Nifty little adjustable bedside reading lights
  • Rooms are made larger-appearing by removal of headboard wall projection, and replacement of the foot-wide half-wall on the balcony side with a wrought iron railing
  • Glassed in shower instead of solid wall - some couples thought this was sexy, others had a problem with it
  • New bathroom sink and smaller counter space
  • Vanity and hair dryer moved to desk under the TV with a hard-to-use slanted mirror (hair dryer is in one of the desk drawers)
  • Silly wall mounted light switches - you can't tell by touch whether they are on or off
  • Renovated buildings have new wooden balcony guardrails, as well as new outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Nice Teak balcony furniture
  • New floor tile color throughout the rooms - pretty
  • Hallway mirrors are gone but there are two in-bathroom mirrors
  • Refrigerator is hidden in a little cabinet next to the balcony door
  • Fresh one-liter bottle of water in the room every day!
  • Nice puffy, absorbent bath towels
  • Dual shower heads - conventional, and overhead