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Club Med Cancun — Recent Updates

February 2011 Latest visit - latest visit page. New CDV, Eduardo.

June 2010 Recent review of Car Wash (teen club) by teen GM - thanks Hanalei! Passworld review.

May 2010 A new site search engine has been installed which is re-indexed weekly. Upper right hand corner of every page. Try it if you are looking for something, or someone, in particular.

April 2010 This site has been updated to reflect my latest visit in March 2010. All new slide shows have been incorporated and there are now over 220 photos. Each page has a different slide show.

February 2010 Rob submitted the following comments (Thank You!). Plus he took some GREAT pictures (link by permission)

As you know very well, Club Med keeps changing as they chase their target demographic, which keeps aging. Some of the changes I like (hot water in the showers!), and some I don’t (all enclosed dining areas). During this visit I noticed that they no longer leave bottles of wine at the table and, instead, insist on pouring wine by the glass. I guess it gives a feel of higher service. However, it means often waiting to flag someone down to get a refill. I’m sure the change saves some money, too, as folks surely are drinking less wine at dinner.

Another change, that I noticed last year too, is the strict policy that GO’s must sit at a table with GM’s, and only one GO can sit at a table. The rule seems strictly enforced.

For my first time ever, I used the in-room Internet connection. They sell that by the hour, day, or unlimited 6-day pass. I did two of the 6-day passes. The connection is surprisingly quick during the day, but really slows down in the evening. One of the GOs said that is because the GO rooms are also now wired, and nearly all the GOs go online in the evening during their down time before or after dinner.

A common question around the meal table is, "Is this your first Club Med?" Only once in 15 days did I hear someone say this was their first Club Med. The repeat business is amazing, and most folks I talked to had been to at least a half-dozen Club Med vacations. Seems people either hate it, or love it!

Finally, a note about mini-club. At other clubs we found the mini-club intruded on our stay (we don’t have kids). Facilities were tied up for the kids, or parents were not available to play tennis in the evening because mini-club closed at 5:00. We found none of this at Cancun. The mini-club did not intrude. Even in the restaurant, they seated us in rooms that were adult only. I thought they handled this very well.

Other than these things, all else was business as usual for Club Med.

December 2009 17th visit to this village - first Christmas at Club Med. Christmas schedule. Full review with new photos.

November 2009 Bug fix for Internet Explorer problems viewing navigation menu drop-downs. Also, new sitemap page in case your browser can't render the drop-down navigation menu (upgrade your browser!), or better yet get Mozilla Firefox.

May 2009 Updated Kids page with new info, pictures, and review on Passworld, again thanks to Kim!!!!

May 2009 Jeff (Thank You!) submitted the following new info!!!:

  • They now allow you to buy Internet for the week (24 x 7 for the whole week) for 700 pesos. Don't know if that offer will last. There seemed to be some "pass code" sharing, which can make the 700 pesos quite affordable. That includes Wi-Fi access in La Soluna and in your room (if your room gets a Wi-Fi signal).
  • Club was full last week (Atlantis week) but is closed for this week and and next week (at least) because of swine flu. After that they are taking it week-by-week.
  • They are breaking ground on Jade building renovations (including private pool only for use of Jade residents).
  • Switch from old entrance gate to new gate to take place by June 1 (provided the club reopens by then).

April 2009 Kim (thank you, big time!) from Canada mailed me all the newest schedules and info sheets! Plus, here are some of her comments: About the construction at the entrance....."there IS a new entrance that is not being used by shuttle buses yet - it has a security post and someone guarding it - it looked to me, that this was currently being used for some staff parking, but didn't seem to be used. It has some room for parking and it wider than the current entrance. When I went for runs in the morning, I would run out the old road, and then turn back in at the new entrance, which feeds into the old road back to the village."

March 2009 Sophie (Thank You!) submitted the following observations and hot tips!!!:

  • The Village was full but it does not show
  • No French language show this time around (even if the Village was full of people from Quebec)
  • Shows were more often around 10 PM than 9h30 as scheduled
  • The circus team is small ( 3 only ) so less circus than last years. However they are super nice. Not too many people either during adult circus time.
  • Food: Foie gras was delicious. New lady Japanese chef
  • Best coffee is at the bar (uno cortado con un poquito de leche, por favor)
  • The best massages I ever had (thanks Marisol)
  • Internet price was down, from 100 pesos an hour to 50 pesos
  • Construction: there are building going up that you can see from Opalo, across the Laguna. Nothing yet next to the entrance

June 2008 Photos and info on the Topacio building - the only TRUE ocean front building other than Jade.

May 2008 Aerial photos of the village - including vintage 1975 photo along with big map which are all on AERIAL & MAP page. Also, separate site search page has been eliminated in favor of search box on each page.

April 2008 Jim submitted some daily schedule updates as well as the latest dress codes, (see WEEKLY SCHEDULE). Also, Jim copied the Excursion brochure with prices AND a Spa brochure with prices- (see Court/Gym/Misc)

March 2008, December 2007 My 15th and 16th visits. Many improvements since December 2006. Most sections of this site have been updated. THE HIGHLIGHTS in no particular order:

  • GO hostesses (and hosts) are again seating GMs in the main restaurant - this is a major improvement
  • There seemed to be more large dining tables in the main restaurant
  • New floor surface in all accomodation building walkways that reduces noise and the amount of sand tracked into rooms
  • Also, for most accomdation buildings, vehicle access is blocked with a pylon so there is far less power cart traffic and therefore less noise and disturbance
  • Accomodation buildings now have metal peaked roofs over the former opening in the structural roof - thus more completely sheltering walkways from rain
  • There is now an official third restaurant that serves Tapas (La Pergola) and snacks
  • In December the village was on "Club Med time" - giving everyone an extra hour of daylight!
  • Eyal was still the CDV - and he was highly visible. The GO team was excellent, maybe one of the best ever
  • All bars all had Illy Cafe espresso - awesome improvement. Restaurant coffee is still marginal - itw was better 12/07 than my last trip 03/08
  • The food was improved and there were more prepared salads compared to December 2006
  • Beach and pool area drink service was vastly improved
  • Nice new SPA with an amazing selection of treatments ☺
  • Lot's of fitness classes, plus a roving personal trainer in the gym to help with workouts
  • Improved live entertainment - there was usually a live music option to the GO show and it was first class
  • Very nice selection of appetizers near the pool beginning around 6:00pm - can you spell Guacamole??!!
  • Faster Internet access in the Internet room, plus each guest room has high-speed Internet connection (extra charge except in Jade building)

June 2007 Independent Airport transportation tip - thanks to Jim in Chicago: "We used this taxi/van service and would recommend it. They were clearly visible when we exited (the airport) and showed up a few minutes early for our departure (from CM). I called a day before we left to change our time and the person working the phone spoke excellent english. We had 6 adults, 4 kids, and 2 20-month old kids and were just able to squeeze into their van. It was $65 round-trip. You do not have to buy the entertainment book to use the service."