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Water Skiing and Wakeboarding - Club Med Cancun

Updated February 2011 New GO team

Waterski is the main reason I come to this particular Club Med - for those who would ask the reasonable question of why I don't go to Turks since I prefer an adult village.

  • Published hours of operation:
    • 8:00-9:00am - advanced slalom skiing (you must be able to complete a slalom course at 15 off and 28 mph)
    • 9:00am-12:00pm - open ski and wakeboard
    • 2:00-2:30pm - 12-17 years old
    • 2:30-5:30pm - open ski and wakeboard
  • Kids 12-18 are again allowed to ski - reversing a memo dated 23rd of December 2006 stating 18 years and older only for Waterski - citing "wildlife" considerations and "The safety of our guests, especially the children, is our highest priority" (Albert IS getting pretty BIG). During my week, I saw very few kids skiing.
  • Waiting lines (queues) have been minimal since this became a family village. This is excellent, and makes it possible to finally pursue other sports rather than waiting all morning and afternoon to get in 4-5 runs per day (if you are not able to ski advanced from 8 - 9 am). Therefore, it is possible to get your runs in during one hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon, or get it all done either AM or PM - thus allowing time to sail, which is my other sport. Or, read (my 4th sport), or drink Tecate Lights.
  • Waterski is still in the same place, on the island in the lagoon. The island is getting crowded since it now has circus, a concrete basketball/volleyball court, hammocks (they're back!), and bocce ball.
  • New palapa, dock, walkway, etc., since the hurricane
  • Some new equipment. Not every ski is displayed, but you can ask and they might have what you want. Slalom skis are Connelly Concept or similar, high-end Connelly skis, plus a few HO's. Good selection of boards - again, ask. They do not have gloves, so if you want gloves bring your own.
  • 3 boats - 2 Moombas, one Mastercraft.
  • Great GO team, as usual. During my February 2011visit the team included Phillipe (chief of ski), Rodrigo, Paulina and Marc. Excellent instruction for intermediate slalom skiiers such as myself, and good advanced instruction.
  • Sometimes Club Med borrows boats or drivers from Waterski Cancun, operated by former Club Med waterski GO Scott Smith - see link below.
  • The waterski show now takes place at the waterski dock, no longer at the pool as before.
  • No bothersome creatures except one or two jellyfish and some bottom dwelling small crabs that would occasionally bite. This can change during spring and summer months when there are more jellyfish and a few leeches.
  • Occasional daytime crocodile appearances by a mommy and her baby croc - so adorable you could just jump in and hug the baby (but I don't recommend it). Generally the crocs stay away from waterskiing and they have never munched anyone so don't worry.

For more waterskiing resources, here are a couple sites to visit: